Ranges of Services

Electrical Works

Construction, Installation and testing of Electric works such as,

  • Power Work - cabling Power Generator and Substation - transformer, switch board and gear, UPS, panels and wiring, termination, splicing, cable way, ladder, perforated tray
  •  Lighting - plant, street, fence, security and flood lights
  • Grounding - tin plated and copper strip bus bars, cabling on tray and equipment
  • Communication System - telephone, LAN, CCTV and radio systems
  • Cathodic Protection - impressed current system
  • Heat Tracing - distribution panel, safety switch and cabling
  • HV & LV Switchboard Testing
  • HT Cable Hi Pot Test.

Instrumentation works

Construction, Installation and testing of Instrumentation works such as,

  • Indoor Control System Installation - panel, rack, cabinet, computer and board instrument
  • Local Instrument / Panel Installation - direct, bracket, wall and pipe stanchion mount type
  • Analyzer Installation - walk-in type house, sample conditioning rack and box
  • Modular Instrument - meter prover, auto sampler and meter
  • Cabling, Tubing and Piping - main/ branch cable, air, pressure, pneumatic, JB and trunking
  • Calibration, Test and Inspection - gauge, transmitter, switch, control, relief valve, orifice
  • CCTV
  • Fire Alarm System
  • PAGA System

Trading in Safety Apparatus

  • NFPA Certify New Safe NS Coverall